About Us

A Team of Specialists to Serve Your Needs

NTA America Inc. was established in 1966 as the major American subsidiary of Nippon Travel Agency Co. Ltd., whose founding in 1905 makes it Japan’s oldest travel company. We ourselves recently marked 50 years of facilitating travel between the United States and Japan. Our Inbound Division focuses on assisting visitors from Japan, while our Outbound Division is centered on ensuring a smooth trip to Japan – a destination that is fascinating but can bring about great linguistic and cultural barriers. We have three main branches in the U.S. serving multiple markets, so please find the one most convenient for you!

Today, Nippon Travel Agency Co. is a worldwide travel network operation with over 250 offices in four primary regions: North America, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. This vast worldwide network enables us to provide the most extensive service to individuals and groups traveling to a variety of international and domestic destinations. In short, because we are all over the world, we know the world and can offer the world to you.

This means we provide our clients with professional and personalized services as your local travel agent while maintaining the purchasing power of a global network. In terms of worlds, that means you get both: the one-on-one, detailed attention you'd expect from a small operation and the efficient in-touch service you'd expect from a large one willing to put its clout as well as its long-term relationships to work for you. We've worked hard to establish ourselves as an industry leader, who gets results and good deals and passes them on to you.

Our worldwide industry recognition and longstanding relationships with airlines, hotels, auto-rental companies, and receptive land operators enables us to offer the highest standard of quality services and the most valuable cost-saving opportunities. Let us help you make arrangements to well known major destinations or cater to your specific local needs. Take advantage of our vast resources, and our friendly detail oriented staff will be happy to assist you.