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[Nagano] Hanamomo-no-sato Peach Blossom Village
Mar 22,2024 by My JR Pass Comments 0

What does spring remind you of?

In Japan, Sakura (Cherry blossom) is very famous in the spring season. 

Besides that, Momo (Peach blossom) is also popular for spring.


Today, we would like to share with you one of the popular peach blossom attractions.

It is called Hanamomo-no-sato Peach Blossom Village and is located in Achi village, Nagano Prefecture which is part of Chubu region.


It is said that Achi, Nagano is the best of the starry sky in Japan.

The whole village is coloured by red, pink, and white peach blossoms. The village is full of life and it is exactly to be called shangri-la.

These peach blossoms are for decorative purposes, and are called 3-color hanamomo (peach blossom).