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The Rainy Season has started
Jun 7,2024 by My JR Pass Comments 0

In Japan, the rainy season called Tsuyu begins from the end of May to the middle of July. There is a little difference depending on the area and some areas have a short or no rainy season. This season has a lot of cloudy and rainy days. It is very humid and hot. Sometimes drizzling, sometimes heavy rain - so unpredictable!

You should check the forecast and bring an umbrella before going out in this season.

hydrangeas 1. Go admiring or finding hydrangeas

Hydrangea is a symbol of flowers in the rainy season and you can see hydrangeas in many places such as gardens, temples, and more. They bloom so beautifully and colorful. They will likely brighten up your mood!


Teru-teru bozu 2. Let’s make Teru-teru bozu

In Japan, there is a way to pray for a sunny day if the weather will be cloudy or rainy for the next day. This has been around for a while and carried down. Japanese people make a Teru-teru bozu, a small paper doll, and hang it outside. It is very easy to make with white paper or cloth - do not forget to draw a smiley face!


umbrella 3. Enjoy with your umbrella

There are many stores that sell various types of umbrellas. Nowadays, you can purchase an umbrella at a convenience store whenever you need. On a rainy day, you should watch people using umbrellas from afar and you may realize there are so many colors and patterns of umbrellas. It should be fun to see as this view is only a rainy day. 

Enjoy the rainy season!

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