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[Hyogo] Rokko Morinone Museum
May 3,2024 by My JR Pass Comments 0

The Rokko Morinone Museum is good for someone who loves and enjoys “sound” and “nature”.

Located in Rokko, Hyogo Prefecture which is in the Kinki Region.



The Rokko Morinone Museum was opened as a collection of mechanical musical instruments such as musical box etc. in 1994.

They reopen as Rokko Morinone Museum in 2021. It is even more enjoyable with various “sounds” with a garden surrounded by nature.



The Mori no Oto Hall (Forest sound hall) exhibits mechanical musical instruments and a Karakuri doll (mechanical doll).

There are concerts but no performers. It is only performed by mechanical musical instruments played beautifully.



In a natural garden, there are so many seasonal plants and flowers. You should listen closely and enjoy the sound of birds singing, insects chirping, the babbling of a brook etc. For spending an amazing time in nature, they provide a hammock, woods chairs, and tree house. There is also a cafe and you can fully enjoy it with your five senses.

Let's heal and spend time in nature surroundings with “sound”.

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