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[Yamaguchi] Tsunoshima Bridge
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Tsunoshima Brdge

Tsunoshima Bridge is located in Yamaguchi Prefecture which is in the Chugoku Region. The bridge connects the mainland and Tsunoshima. The overall length of the bridge is about 1,780 meters and started in 2000.

You can cross the bridge by walking, bike, and car crossing in 3 minutes to Tsunoshima. Tsunoshima Bridge is famous for its beautiful views. You can see the amazing view while you drive to cross the bridge.

Tsunoshima Bridge  Tsunoshima Bridge

The sunny day is the best time to take a picture of the bridge with the ocean, and the green color of the Island across the bridge. There are many photo spots, and the observatory so you can enjoy taking beautiful photos with the scenery.

If you stop by there and have any chance, you should cross the bridge and go to Tsunoshima Island. Tsunoshima, a small island, has many attractions that you can enjoy sightseeing, eating, and more.

Highly recommend visiting Tsunoshima in early summer to fall since the ocean is clearer. The contrast between the ocean and the sky is amazing. You can enjoy the scenery even if you go in the evening to see the sun is falling down to the horizon.

Please enjoy the feeling of refreshment there!

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